Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam promote `Total Siyapaa` in Delhi

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New Delhi: Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam were recently spotted promoting their upcoming flick ‘Total Siyapaa’ in Delhi.

While talking to the media, the lead actor of the film opened up about the plot of the movie. “It’s a very big ‘siyapaa’, which has happened in our lives through this film that’s why it is called ‘Total Siyapaa’.

There is this beautiful ‘Yami Gautam’, playing the character Asha in this film and I am playing character of Aman. They both fell in love. Asha wants Aman to meet her family and now when Aman goes to meet her family although he is very reluctant, family turns out to be a very weird family because of the mom, dadu and the brother.

They have things against Pakistan and I am playing a Pakistani guy in the film,” Zafar said.

Meanwhile, Yami revealed that working with Zafar was “absolutely fantastic”. “Ali is very talented. I am sure everyone knows this that he is fabulous actor, singer, writer, composer, a very good painter. He has also directed a video for a song called ‘Asha’. I think we had a lot of fun,” she said.

‘Total Siyapaa’ is a funny take on Indo-Pakistan relations and is set to hit the theaters on 7th March.

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