Aishwarya is a super mom: Abhishek Bachchan

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan today said his actress wife Aishwarya Rai is a “super mom” and expressed his desire to protect his daughter Aaradhya from the world of showbiz so as to offer her normal childhood.

“Her (Aishwarya’s) professionalism and dedication is unquestionable. As a mother (of Aaradhya) she is superb..she is a super mom. As a co-star, I have always loved working with her. It is a pleasure,” Abhishek told PTI.

Abhishek said he and Aishwarya wanted their daughter Aaradhya be guarded from the showbiz.

“As her parents, Aishwarya and I want our child to be happy and healthy. I was guarded from all this (media attention and showbiz world). The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18,” the actor said.

Abhishek appealed to media to show restrain in photographing star kids.

“This is one department (of children) where I would want the media to show restrain and responsibility. In our time social media was not there. I appeal to the media to show restrain..Don’t do this to them..let children grow up the way they want to. We want to let her (Aaradhya) grow as a normal kid,” the actor said.

Praising his wife for her professionalism and dedication to work, Abhishek said, “Aishwarya always knew what is the right film for her and has a knack to pick a right film that suits her. I love her as an actor. I am a big fan of her and she should be given the liberty to choose the films she wants to do”.

The buzz is that the real life couple will be seen in adman Prahlad Kakkar’s film, probably next year.

“What happens in selection process is (that) you have certain ideas and suggestions and things get worked out, so it is time consuming. It takes time to develop a script to making a film…It doesn’t happen overnight,” Abhishek said.

Abhishek said Kakkar had met them with a script.

“He has a script which he is keen on. We haven’t heard it completely yet. If we like it then we will do it,” the actor informed.

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