Bigg Boss 7: Gauahar and I are not your friends, Kushal tells Ajaz

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Mumbai: New Delhi: ‘Weekend Ka Wow’ begins with Salman Khan performing to ‘Cheel Chilla Ke’ and ‘Dhinka Chika’. “Yeh dancers keh rahi thi ki yeh inka last din hai BB7 mei… yeh thoda emotional ho gaye aur aapko bye kaehna chhate hain.” As the performers bid adieu to the show, Salman Khan speaks about the countdown to the grand finale.

While interacting with the contestants, Salman asks them if they are ready for some ‘masti’. When Tanishaa tells Salman she wouldn’t want the rapid fire round to begin with her, he asks Gauahar if she is ready. On seeing them laugh together, Salman tells them, “Arrey ek frame mei dono has rahi ho, array wah.”

When Salman asks Tanisha about her opinion on Armaan’s exit and the life after that, Tanishaa says, “Jaise biryani without mutton.” According to her, Shilpa deserves to be Bigg Boss’ Miss Intelligent. “Tanishaa aur Gauahar best friends tab banenge jab woh ek doosre ko samjh sakengey,” she adds. To this Salman says, “Jab duniya kahatm ho jaegi.”

When Gauahar is asked the same question about the likelihood of her friendship with Tanisha, she says it is possible only after Bigg Boss ends. Gauahar, who calls herself “mentally strong” calls Andy her toughest competitor. When Salman asks Gauahar when would she crack up on Ajaz’s jokes, she says, “Ajaz ko samajh nahi paati ki jokes kab hain aur serious kab hain. Sorry, mujhe pata nahi ki mai kab hasungi.”

As the episode progresses, Salman introduces special guests Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra to the housemates. While Salman asks Parineeti and Siddharth about their new movie, he also asks them to name their favourite contestants. While Siddharth mentions Sangram , Parineeti expresses her liking for Andy and Sangram.

While the housemates are delighted to see the duo, they are given a task by Salman to make Parineeti laugh. Gauahar makes the first attempt and tries to imitate a small kid but fails to impress Parineeti. Andy is the next one to try his luck and successfully manages to tickle her funny bone. Even Ajaz prove his mettle and impresses Parineeti with his humour. Parineeti declares Andy and Ajaz as the winners of the task after which Siddharth and Parineeti make an exit.

The next moment, Armaan enters to interact with Salman. As Armaan say, he has lost 14 kg in the house and he has learnt a lot – patience, compatibility, abuses, and a lot more things which a person can’t in one’s life. He is happy that he made several friends in the house. He regrets not being able to make it to the grand finale. Armaan tells Salman why he finds Gauahar predictable.

“Andy ke dil mei jo hai wohi uske mooh mei hai. Bachchon ki tarah naraz hota hai aur jaldi bhool bhi jata hai,” he says. If Tanishaa and Andy make to the top two slots, Armaan says he would want Tanishaa to win the show.

Armaan speaks to the housemates who further tell him that they are missing his voice badly as they had become habitual to it. “Sangram tu mind-blowing hai, tu khush reh aur upparwala tujhe bahut barkat de. Aur Andy ki cheezein maaf kar diya kar. Tum dono bhai ho, pyar karo aur khush raho,” Armaan tells Sangram. “Jo aapne kiya mere liya who saggey bhi nahi karte,” he tells Tanishaa.

Armaan crowns Tanishaa as the hero of the house and Andy as the villain of the house. Just when Armaan is about to make his exit, Kushal makes a dramatic entry. Unlike the last time, they both hug each other after which Armaan makes an exit.

“Gauahar ek acchi insaan hua hai aur mujhe sach mei pyaar hua hai. Mujhe meri soulamte mil gai… bahut pyari hai. Bigg Boss ne mera bahut fayda kiya hai,” Kushal tells Salman.

When Salman takes him inside the house through ME TV, Gauahar gets very excited to see Kushal. Salman further gets on to the topic of Kushal receiving fewer votes than Ajaz. Soon after, Kushal and Ajaz get into a banter wherein they call each other names and when they refuse to stop, Salman has no option but to pull Kushal out of the house. Salman wishes Kushal best luck after which he makes an exit. “Aap Gauahar Khan ke fan they. Aap devdas ki tarah acting kyun karte ho? Tujhe sharam nahi hai kya? Agar mai hota tumhari jagah toh mai us ladki ki taraf dekhta bhi nahi. Mai tumhara dost nahi hoon, Gauhar tumhari dost nahi hai. Hum dono colleague hain jo ek show mei miley. Kushal tells Ajaz.

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