Film Review: ‘What The Fish’ presents Dimple Kapadia in top form

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Directed: Gurmmeet Singh

Starring: Dimple Kapadia, Manu Rishi, Manjot Singh, Anand Tewari, Geetika Tyagi, Deepti Pujari and others

Rating: * * ½

What’s It About:

What The Fish

The New Delhi-based Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia) is going abroad for a month and leaves the responsibility of her house – particularly her pet fish and her money plant – to her model niece and her absent-minded boyfriend. When Sudha returns, she finds a woman in white running out of one of the locked rooms in the house. Sudha believes it’s a witch. While Mrs. Mishra weaves theories about the witch-on-the-run to her family and friends, the film takes us through the entire period when Sudha was away and delves into all the adventures and misadventures that took place in her home during her absence.

What’s Hot:

A situational and character-driven comedy is always a tough to crack. This one is not be a flawless piece of work, however, director Gurmmeet Singh packs enough punches to make What The Fish a rather audacious entertaining attempt. It’s almost like an ensemble of short stories woven together with a common character – the fish. The humor is not your regular kind so be prepared to feel disgusted and offended in portions. The first interesting part is about about the creepy Ravi (Manu Rishi) succeeding in seducing his friend Neerav’s (Anand Tewari) girlfriend Gopa (Deepti Pujari who bears a striking resemblance to Priyanka Chopra).

The other funny chapter is about the colorful Meenal’s (Geetika Tyagi) brother Rajpal (Vishal Sharma) who wants to be a boxer and is a cross-dresser. The film breezes through the first half and Tejpal Singh’s witty dialogues contribute to the fun. Shashank Ghosh (Waisa Bhi Hota Hain Part 2 & Quick Gun Murugan) is the creative force behind the film and his stamp is unmistakable in certain portions. The music is an interesting blend with lyrics that are sensational and raunchy. Gurmmeet has put together a bunch of young and talented actors, which adds the fresh quotient to the film. Special mentions to Geetika, Deepti, Vishal, Mithun Roddwittiya and of course Manu Rishi for their unabashed performances. Dimple Kapadia is in top form. Watch her enjoy herself on screen thoroughly with her exaggerated demeanour. And wait for the last shot of the end credits to relish her witch cackle.

What’s Not:

When you’re making a film of this kind that depends entirely on a watertight screenplay, there is no room for half-measures. The remaining tracks in the film could’ve been funnier. The screenplay falters in between the chapters and that’s the film’s undoing. That’s what hampers the pace too. A film of this size with no star presence needs impeccable content to drive it through.

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