Bigg Boss 7: Kushal jumps out of the Bigg Boss house

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New Delhi: The happenings in the controversial Bigg Boss house never fail to surprise us. During a recent luxury budget task ‘Bigg Box’, some housemates were made to live in a small box, while other housemates had to instigate them to come out. In keeping with the task, Kushal egged on Tanisha, who finally came out of the box infuriated and pushed Kushal while doing so.

Next, she took her turn at taking jibes at him. Kushal did not take this lightly and after an ugly exchange of words between the two, Kushal demanded that Bigg Boss intervene and take action against her.

Kushal also called Tanisha a flop actress and a black mark on her family considering she never succeeded in her career.

He warned that if Bigg Boss failed to do so, then he would not care much for the rules of the show and would leave the Bigg Boss house by jumping the wall.

When Bigg Boss failed to respond to Kushal, he decided to pack his belongings and climb over the wall.

The other housemates tried their best to dissuade Kushal from leaving the property. Gauahar got extremely upset and burst into tears. But Kushal was determined and ignored their pleas.

With the help of a few chairs, he climbed over the wall and jumped to the other side. We wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of Kushal on the show.

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