Those clothes have Shah Rukh Khan’s fragrance captured in them’

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‘Mumbai: For Zarina Parveen, a Saki Naka housewife from Suburban Mumbai it was a dream come true when she met the man whose fan she has been since childhood, when she first saw superstar Shah Rukh Khan on television in Fauji, the actor’s first TV assignment.

Parveen met SRK after she was declared the winner of Lux Chennai Express contest on Saturday at a function held at a hotel in Mumbai. Lucky Parveen got an opportunity to enact the legendary train scene with none other than King Khan himself from his blockbuster movie Chennai Express. For this the organizers had erected a special train set for the occasion.

When on stage SRK enquired with Parveen about her family and what they do. She revealed her husband was a light man and she had two kids – son Sohail who was eight-years-old and a five year-old daughter Nisha whose studies they had to discontinue after they were unable to pay her fees on time.

SRK asked her to meet her backstage after the function along with her husband. While Zarina refused to go on record about the conversation SRK had with them saying, “Sir, woh bahut zyada personal baat hai.” However, it was more than clear that SRK had offered the couple financial aid so that they could re-admit their daughter to school for studies. This reporter himself saw a person from SRK’s office take down complete details like address and telephone number of the couple.


Parveen further adds, “It all seems like a dream and I can’t believe what happened. I had never imagined that I would stand next to such a big person. I am still in daze and am not able to focus on my domestic chores fully. Thank God my mother is besides me right now to help me.”
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Parveen kept hugging SRK throughout the evening even though the actor was suffering from flu like symptoms replete with sneezing and coughing. She says, “I am fine and healthy and I have not caught on his cold. Let me also tell you that after I returned home I changed immediately and the clothes that I was wearing while hugging SRK I promptly put into a chest. I am never going to wash those clothes again. Those clothes have Shah Rukh Khan’s fragrance captured in them.

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