Kamal Haasan: If I am threatened again as an artiste, I can leave the country

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Bangalore: Filmmaker and actor Kamal Haasan said he is planning to do a Tamil movie in Karnataka as he wants bilinguals to reach out to larger audience in the south.

“We are planning to do a movie. We want to do it in Karnataka. It is a Tamil movie which we are planning to do in Karnataka,” he said at a programme organised by Press Club of Bangalore and Bangalore Reporters’ Guild.

The movie featuring him would be directed by actor and his friend Ramesh Aravind.

“I have always been telling Ramesh Aravind that we should do bilinguals (Kannada and Tamil) now so that we are able to reach out all of Karnataka and rest of south (India)”, he said.

Kamal Haasan said he does not like the idea of calling the entire film industry in India as “Bollywood”.

“Actually, more than 50 per cent of films (of the total number in India) come from south of India and the film industry is known as one name – Bollywood, which I think is a misnomer. It is (actually) Mumbai film industry,” he said.

“Hollywood is a small village which became international, and we are one big country and we should become international. My goal is Hollywood will shift to India if you work on it.”

Kamal Haasan has completed the shooting schedule of “Vishwaroopam 2”, which is an espionage thriller written and directed by him.

He also said that he had made the statement of “leaving the country” in the wake of initial ban of “Vishwaroopam” earlier this year out of anguish as he was hurt.

“I will not take back that word. If I am threatened or troubled again as an artiste, I can leave the country. But can the country leave me?” Kamal Haasan said.

Earlier, Kamal Haasan announced that FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave would be held in Bangalore on October 29 and 30, under his chairmanship.

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