Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka, Gauri triangle driving Bollywood crazy

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We’ve heard numerous theories about Bollywood’s ‘more than just friends’ superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra.

But, the latest to set the Indian media ablaze is reports of how the two stars have secretly legalized their relationship in matrimony.

Headlined in ‘First Post’, “Have SRK and Priyanka Chopra taken the next step?”, lists out seven reasons why such a scenario is possible.

Although we are unable to validate the shocking revelation, we are merely highlighting how many Indian media houses are running the story without even verifying the facts from either of the stars.

According to the report, Shah Rukh has apparently taken this step to give Priyanka her rightful position, especially since she was boycotted and emotionally harassed by his wife Gauri and his close circle of friends.

“SRK has gone to great lengths to support Priyanka and protect her from some of his friends, with whom he no longer shares a friendship,” the article reported.

“These former friends were reportedly giving her a hard time over their relationship, since they could not take him on directly. In the end, those very people lost out on their friendship with SRK in a bid to oust Priyanka from his life.”

In fact, there are numerous theories floating around Bollywood circles that it was Karan Johar’s rather public dislike for Priyanka that created a rift between the one-time best buds.

“SRK has reportedly told friends that he came to Mumbai from Delhi with nothing and he’s just as okay starting all over again with nothing, if that’s what it takes being with Priyanka,” the media reasoned.

When Priyanka was struck out of many Bollywood parties because SRK’s pals apparently wanted to protect his wife Gauri, SRK had remained mum for a while, only to voice his disgust to the media.

“(I) Feel extremely sorry, for she (Priyanka) wasn’t shown the respect I show her, or other women. Priyanka Chopra is one of the closest friends that I have, she is very close to my heart, and always will be,” he told a website. Although Shah Rukh has maintained a clean image until now, Priyanka had been linked to another married star, Akshay Kumar, during her initial days in Bollywood. That ‘love story’ was cut short when Aki’s wife Twinkle stepped in and issued an ultimatum to the actor.

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