Kannada film actress Radhika Pandit’s phone hacked

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RADHIKABANGALORE, July 26;Hackers played havoc on state award recipient actor Radhika Pandit. Messages have been sent to many cine artists through her mobile. Speaking to press, Radhika Pandit said that she was planning to file a complaint to cyber crime police.

When fellow artists informed about the messages they are getting from her mobile phone, she posted her reaction on her face book, which states; “You guys are right…My phone was hacked, what can we call such masterminds? Never mind. It is under control now.”

“Strange situation… My phone Sim just stopped working two days ago. Didn’t pay much attention, because I thought I could live without my phone for sometime till it is fixed. Until my dad received calls saying many people are receiving strange messages from my number!!! Shocking.”

The actor, who attended the audio release of her latest film Dilwala, said that from the past three days her number is hacked and someone is trying to send messages to an important number. “I was shocked on learning about my mobile phone is being misused”, she said.

She, who climbed the film ladder by making small screen as spring board, bagged state award as best actress for her performance in Moggina Manasu directed by Shashank in 2008. So far she has acted in 13 films and acted in two teleserials-Nandagokula, Sumangali.

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