Salman take his bike & his unit for a long ride

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SalmanWith Salman Khan, you can be sure there will never be a dull moment. Like recently, when the actor simply took off on a bike while shooting an advertisement with Rohan Sippy in Hyderabad. And his disappearing act lasted for about an hour.

A source from the sets recounted the incident to Mirror. “The ad film required Salman to rev the bike and approach the camera. He followed the instructions and the shot was perfect, except that when the ad director called ‘cut’, he didn’t stop. He rode out of the gate on the same bike,” the eyewitness revealed. While everyone was stumped by Sallu’s action, no one quite dared to ask him where he was driving off to.

In fact, it was much later that the unit found out where the star had gone on his bike. “He had dropped by on the sets of Mental to check what was going on,” said the eyewitness. Apparently, both sets are not too far from each other and Salman was on the film set for some time before resuming the ad shoot.

Talk about multi-tasking!

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