Five reasons why Dil Dhadakne Do title track failed to impres

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After watching Dil Dhadakne Do trailer, I was hoping that the underwhelming sneak peek of this summer’s biggest release was a mistake of the editors who cut the trailer. But now I am worried. The title track of the film is a bigger disappointment than the trailer.

To begin with, unhummable and stale, the song is nothing but a forced reworking of the retro style music. I Never thought the magical trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy could ever get it wrong. I want to go back to listening to ‘It’s the time to disco’.
Secondly, Sung by Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar all you hear while listening to the song is loud music, with two voices screaming ‘Dil Dhadaken Do’ in-between. Then there’s an interesting contrast, while, Farhan is evidently making efforts, in his throaty voice, to give the song a peppy feel, Priyanka seems to be simply sleep walking through the song with sudden scream/screams in between.

My third problem with the song is that Priyanka Chopra sings for Anushka Sharma, but hello! did someone not tell them at the trial that PeeCee’s voice doesn’t suit Anushka at all.

And why on earth would anybody suggest Farhan Akhtar’s voice for Anil Kapoor? I mean seriously! Two voices for six characters? What do I say, ‘Bahut naainsaafi hai, ya over-budget ho gaye?’

Next on my list of issues with the song is the performance. Agreed that no one can match Ranveer Singh’s energy but girls what were you thinking during the shoot? While, Priyanka cannot get out of her diva mode to enjoy the song in its true spirit, Anushka is stiff and looks harried. Farhan is a non-dancer hence he is spared.

Lastly, If they could spend so much on shooting on luxury cruise liner and in three countries, they could have got Priyanka a tad better wig for the song. Why do I feel Anushka has got a rather unfair deal in the film looking at her outfit and hair here?

Of all the stalwarts present in the song, I found only Vikrant Massy and Riddhima Sud getting their expressions and steps right. Thumbs up for that, and just that!

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