Bollywood lacks courage to make movies questioning Islamic practices: Naseeruddin Shah

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bbcSpeaking to a news channel, noted actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that producers in Bollywood lack the courage to make movies critical of Islamic practices.

The Naseeruddin Shah starrer ‘Dharmsankat’ is set to release on April 10. The movie, also starring Paresh Rawal, is said to be critical of religious godmen.

In this context, Shah was questioned why a movie like PK seeks to criticise Hindu customs but does not throw the limelight on Islamic ones. His answer was illuminating.

“This is a question you should ask (PK director) Rajkumar Hirani. Why did he not equally criticise Islamic customs in the movie? In Pakistan they had the guts to produce a movie like Khuda Ke Liye. But no one has dared to make a film like that in India so far. Do you know why?” Shah countered.

A few days ago, Shah had aroused controversy by claiming that ‘people in India are brainwashed to believe that Pakistan is their country’s enemy’, drawing strong reactions from the Shiv Sena in particular.

When questioned about this, Shah said, “It seems we have a deep-seated hatred for Pakistan in our minds. Why is it so? I hope the new generation will not get influenced by the rhetoric that Pakistan is our enemy. This rhetoric will soon meet a deserving death”.

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