‘Valiyavan’ review: A half-annulled comedy and an unconvincing plot makes the film boring

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Film: Valiyavan

Cast: Jai, Andrea Jeremiah, Bala Saravanan, Azhagam Perumal, Anupama Kumar

Director: M. Saravanan
‘Valiyavan’ review: A half-annulled comedy and an unconvincing plot makes the film boring

‘Valiyavan’… oh boy, a dull drivel from the word go. You are watching a movie whose opening credits appear on a black screen, if you are instantly reminded of a Woody Allen movie, stop your imagination right there.

Andrea, for some reason, is bewitched by Jai. She declares her love for him the first time she sees him (or so we think) in a subway. Jai, nonchalantly, smiles the young woman’s wish away and walks on unscathed. But, has in the history of mankind, a man not thought about a woman? More so, the case in point, here, is a woman who is in love with him. Well, Jai expectedly goes back to the subway the next day with his friend (Bala Saravanan) to catch another glimpse of this mysterious woman. In the meanwhile, he has told his mom and his roommate too, about the gorgeous woman.

When the excitement just starts to build up- whoosh- it goes down the drain in a flash. There’s a segment, a chunk of screenplay actually, revolving around the drunken antics of Jai. Did Saravanan, the writer – director, for a moment think of the consequences it would have on the viewer? Absolutely boorish.

The sole image that is worth the drivel is almost a ten-minute sequence toward the climax. It’s a poignant chord between a father and a son. The emotion is so special that you wish the film had more of its glory from the beginning.

We are following a person from the first scene who seems to be unattached to the story until the end. It’s a well-guarded surprise. Agreed! Even then, the director loses his way via a voiceover in the climax. Had there been no voiceover, the impact would have been greater. “Moral of the story” is, you know, vitally unnecessary. Just when you think that there’s something in the end to make up for the lost hour, there’s an added layer of nothingness.

A six-pack dude, a pretty lady, a brilliant “Eyes On You”, a half-annulled comedy, and an unconvincing plot- thats what ‘Valivaya’ is.

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