Rakhi Sawant’s shocking reaction on AIB Roast

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Mumbai: Item girl Rakhi Sawant’s shocking reaction on the controversial show, ÁIB Knockout has left everyone stunned. Her reply about the show is something very bizarre and out of the world. When Rakhi was asked to comment about AIB Roast, she said that Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh who is participating on the show is being cheated. She said that it is not actually them but their voice are dubbed.

Later, one of the AIB (All India Bakchod) members, Tanmay Bhat, took to Twitter to commend this reaction. My favourite reaction to the roast. http://youtu.be/vS1tGm-qncY

Rakhi further said that she knows Karan and Ranveer very well and they are a very good friends of her and she is sure that they have not uttered so abusive words on stage and added that they are targeted for being a celebrity.

Hence, Rakhi came in full support for Karan and Ranveer by saying that they have been framed.

The social networking sites Twitter and Facebook had a good laugh over Rakhi’s hilarious comment:

I think I laughed more at Rakhi Sawant’s response to the AIB roast than the roast itself.

Rakhi Sawant believes #AIBRoast video was morphed to make ppl look bad. If she’s saying, it has to be legit, no? http://youtu.be/vS1tGm-qncY

Oh Rakhi Sawant! you’re really too funny #AIBRoast

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