MSG review: Three hours of torture so painful that you start laughing at yourself!

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The minute I learnt that I will be reviewing MSG: The Messenger, a part of me dreaded it but at the same time was intrigued on what this film had to offer. I guessed that MSG would be mindless and the same is in fact, true. The songs ‘never ever’ and “Desh ke liye” are running through my mind as I pen down my opinion. Might I add, it’s not helpful! But I’ll try so here we go:What it’s about

What’s it about:

MSG is about nothing yet everything. Let’s just say that Dera Saccha Sauda is an organisation/product which needs to be advertised and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has taken the responsibility to do the same. Where commercials run for two minutes, MSG is an ad that runs for three hours and is painful. Meet Rahim Singh Insan, who claims to be a “fakir,” a “messenger of God.” Well the same would have made sense had he not had the ability to fly, or bless every Tom, Dick or Harry by emitting blue rays through his palms. “Messenger” of God or God himself? That’s the big question. Coming to the story, that can be summed up in one line. There are a bunch of goons who wish to kill Gurmeet aka Guruji but the latter defeats them each time and with the way he does makes me ask, Rajinikanth who? There are three ladies in his Aashram; Alice who is a Ukranian with a purpose to produce a documentary on Guruji, Kasam a former prostitute who was rescued by Guruji and Muskan, a devotee. One of them has been placed as a suicide bomber to kill him. Haww! Which one is it? Pucker up all the guts you have to watch this movie and find out for yourself! Coming back to Guruji, not only does he preach the idea of love, but also wears clothes that would give Lady Gaga something to cry about. Did I mention that he is a photographer and footballer too? Ah don’t underestimate the power of our ROCKSTAR saint folks. After all you are his “love charger!”

What’s hot

And I thought trigonometry was tough. But I would genuinely give credit to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh for coming up with ideas that could question the very definition of creativity. Brilliance requires exquisite skills and so does atrocity. From unimaginable special effects, to magnanimity which is appealing by the minute, Guruji’s sheer imagination and ability to put forth a mind numbing venture as such is itself a winner. Having said that, the effort put in to make Guruji seem as the ultimate God man and the ruler of the universe, deserves a mention as well. Be it gathering literally millions of people to star in the film or constantly reinforcing the fact that Ram Rahim Singh Insan is greater than even God, I salute those who gave their time to be a part of it all. Patience is key here for actors who starred in the film as well as the production guys who attempted to make this venture SEEM larger than life.

What’s not

I would start with the hair on Guruji’s arms. The man seemed nothing short of being God himself and all I could think about was why he couldn’t use his powers to get rid of those sickening locks. Moving on, the reason why I got a splitting headache by the end of it all was the sheer narcissism displayed by our Guruji or “Pitaji” as he is popularly called. He constantly spoke about his efforts to make the society a heavily place to be in; blood donation camps, swacchta abhiyan, the list had it all. But the constant gloating got to me. Quick question Mr Insan, if you are helping people, why not do it silently? Messages can be spread without having to gloat. BE the example instead of setting it. I would now like to mention the contradictory actions presented by the Godman; he constantly preaches the idea of non violence and is seen beating his enemies bloody the next minute, he claims he is an ‘insan’ like the rest of us, but is seen flying, playing with fire and defying theories of Physics. WTF? An important point I would like to make here is regarding the BLIND faith people have in leaders like Ram Rahim Singh. They donate moolah in the name of God and the latter takes in enough to make ventures like MSG which screams, “Paisa! Paisa!” Practicality and logic take a back seat for them when Guruji speaks. So they will set themselves on fire or cut their veins for his happiness is it? God loving people are very different from God fearing ones. I saw the latter today and the sight was not only scary but disheartening. Let’s just say MSG is the complete OPPOSITE of what Aamir Khan’s PK preached.

What to do

If you want to give yourself a hearty laugh, go watch this film. Take in the glitter flashed by Ram Rahim Singh’s colourful clothes and sing along with him as he gives hilarious performances on Roobaroo nights. Most importantly, go watch this film to realise how fear of God can influence people. I laughed initially but now I sit back, wondering on whether we can truly ever understand the meaning of God.

Verdict: This is probably the first time where I am compelled to give a film a rating as this. 0 star it is for MSG: The Messenger.

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