Varun Dhawan’s ‘Badlapur’ gets ‘A’ certificate

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Mumbai: Varun Dhawan starrer ‘Badlapur’ gets ‘A’ certificate by the censor board owing to its violence and sex content. According to a report, censor board has asked director Sriram Raghavan to chop few objectionable scenes so that the film can be passed with U/A certificate.

The censor board asked makers to tone done a love making scene between Varun Dhawan and Yami Gautam and a passionate lip-lock scene with Huma Qureshi. They have also asked the makers to chop down violent scenes shot between Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddhiqui.

‘Badlapur’ directed by Sriram Raghavan is a revenge drama based on a real life incident that took place decades ago. It revolves around a man who sets out to take revenge. The story spans from the protagonist’s youth till his middle-age.

“I can’t go into the specifics, but my character in the revenge drama is a guy working in an ad agency who starts a family. You will see me as a father on the screen for the first time,”

Varun Dhawan said that ‘Badlapur’ drained out him emotionally and he went into depressed for a while.

“It drained me. I had slipped into depression as after a point it no longer felt like I was acting in a film. The experience was that terrifying. Sriram really made me suffer. Even when the camera was off, he was shooting me. It was a reality check of a different kind because till then I had been leading a rather insulated life, both in real life and reel.”
The dark edgy drama is all set to release on February 13.

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