Piracy Problem Hits Bahaddur

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05-bahaddur-2The blockbuster hit movie Bahaddur, starring Action prince Dhruv Sarja and Radhika Pandit and directed by Chetan Kumar, has been hit by piracy problem. This is not the first time that a Kannada movie has been in trouble due to piracy. The Kannada film industry has been fighting a battle against Piracy for a ling time.

Unfortunately, there are no stringent laws against Piracy in state. Due to this, the producers are toothless in their crusade against this menace. Producers often take loans worth crores of rupees to make a movie. In such cases, piracy hits the producers badly and effect their earning from the box office.

Bahaddur is still going strong after completing 50 days in more than 65 theatres across the state. The movie has now come in the list of movies that has been badly hit by piracy problem.

The problem started when the full length movie was uploaded on YouTube by some miscreant which soon after was available for download on the Torrents. It has been reported that the movie has been downloaded 75 thousand times on torrents alone. The movie has been deleted thrice from YouTube.

However, YouTube is not long complying to the producers request saying that full length movie cannot be uploaded without proper identification. Therefore, the producers have put asked filed a complaint with the cyber crime department. Talking to Filmibeat, the director of the movie Chethan said that the officials in the Cyber Crime department have promised to trace the IP address of the culprit and bring them to justice.

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