Ajai Rao’s supernatural moment during the shoot of Jai Bajarangabali

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Krishna Ajai Rao’s Jai Bajarangabali, which releases this week, may have been in the making for long, but it is quite close to the actor’s heart. He says that this film is doubly special because the actor, a self-confessed Hanuman devotee, had a supernatural experience of sorts, during which he claims to have felt the power of the God in him.

“I had to shout ‘Jai Bajarangabali’ loudly during the climax scene, just before a fight sequence. When I did that, I felt a surge of energy in me. There was also a sudden burst of wind and I had tears in my eyes. The next shot required me to lift four to five cast members who were tied up, and I could do that easily,” recalls Ajai.
He adds that he only believes this could be because of some sort of supernatural force. “I am a Hanuman devotee in real life and I believe that there must be some sort of a higher force that blessed me during that particular shot,” he says.

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