Sandalwood actress Meghana Raj and Chiru Sarja to reveal their love story soon

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Sandalwood actress Meghana Raj, who is rumoured to be dating actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, will be seen in a film opposite the actor next.

The actress, who will also be featuring in a movie with Vijay Raghavendra, has been tweeting about her film with Chiranjeevi continuously. “An derz more news… Not just de launch of #vamshodhaaraka tmrw… We wil be launchin my new #untitled project wid @chirusarja as well :),” tweeted the actress.


She also said, “After de junior… Wid de ever green senior dwarkish uncle :),” and put up a picture of her and Chiru with Dwarkish. Meghana then tweeted, “Good morning everybody 🙂 well.. seems like der a little birdie talk bout our project an its details…@chirusarja @kmchaitanya,” and added, “Well frenz… Lets just say we do not want ul 2 jump 2 conclusions bout wat de content of de film is.. dats why we….. Ve sumthin called de official pressmeet wher we wil disclose al de right details bout de film… So those tryin 2 play sherlock holmes..”

Meghana concluded with, “… Bout de subject of @chirusarja an @meghanasraj starrer can sit relax an let @kmchaitanya do al de talkin bout de film :)”

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