The fall and fall of Mallika Sherawat

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mallikaWith the recent announcement of Mallika Sherawat’s upcoming reality dating show, things seem more low than high for the Haryanvi bombshell. What else can explain a television show in which she’s apparently searching for a beau who earns at least one lakh per month?

When she made her debut with Khwahish and shared 17 onscreen kisses in it, the B-Town folks and the general public couldn’t help taking notice of her. It’s been about a decade since and Mallika Sherawat’s career appears to have gone through a lot of professional turmoils.

Although her first film got her noticed, it was Murder (2004) that set the tone for her filmography. The film co-starring Emraan Hashmi was a hit and Mallika became media’s darling thanks to her quick wit and bold personality. To top it all, she harboured global ambitions too by signing up for Jackie Chan’s The Myth. The movie was screened at Cannes amid much brouhaha only to find that she had a short screen presence!

However, thanks to limited acting skills and unlimited oomph factor, the 36-year-old remained in the race during the second half of last decade. But as the years passed by, films with leading roles started drying and special appearances started growing.

In fact, Mallika didn’t have a single release in 2009 and followed up with a dud titled Hisss a year later. More than work, she was getting noticed for her itinerary, link-ups and pictures clicked with famous American personalities. Perhaps her much-appreciated attitude worked against her. Or maybe her desire to crossover to the West without sufficient credentials simply backfired.

In the past four years, even Kismat Love Paisa Dilli (2012), co-starring Vivek Oberoi, came across as a desperate choice. No wonder even this film didn’t do great at the box-office. She’s currently shooting for KC Bokadia’s Dirty Politics.

The closest Mallika got to Hollywood was with Politics of Love (2011). It is a love story set in the months leading up to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Interestingly enough, the actress went on to meet President Obama at a LA party.

Prahlad Kakkar
“Everybody has a make a living! The higher you are, the greater you fall. This particular profession is a great leveller. When you’re doing well, you’re on top but when you aren’t doing well, you are ridiculed. At least the small screen provides scope to get noticed as public memory is very short. Gossip coloumns discussing about her affairs and shenanigans won’t get her work!” – Prahlad Kakkar, ad film-maker

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