Theatre’s always first

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Hyderabad: After their 2012 staging of The Murder, theatre duo Aamir Raza Husain and Viraat Husain are back in town. This time, the couple’s theatre company from Delhi, Stagedoor, brings one of the longest running productions to Hyderabad, The Mousetrap.

Since their last visit to the city, there have been developments, from Aamir’s role in the film Khoobsurat to his exit from the BJP before the general elections. It also wasn’t a surprise when Aamir did not speak much on Khoobsurat too.

“I don’t mix the two. Theatre is my passion. Politics was secondary and as for theatre, I have performed across a spectrum of audience — from Rahul Gandhi, to Vajpayee and Advani. So, the friendship continues,” he says.

Hyderabad holds a special place for the duo. “All the cities are losing their character, same malls and stores everywhere. But in Delhi and Hyderabad, certain peculiarities are still alive,” the couple say.

The city also figured in their body of work when they staged Maa Telugu Talli on AP Day in Delhi when Chandrababu Naidu became CM the first time. Now, they are travelling with the Agatha Christie mystery under Welcome theatre, which they warn should not be confused with ‘Supper Theatre’.

“India hasn’t really understood the concept. Many think that it’s supper with theatre and idiots will even serve food during a play,” says Aamir. Viraat adds, “Theatre is all about communication. With that kind of setting, you are creating a distance. There is a dilution of art with so many distractions. I have to learn my lines for god’s sake and I can’t have people clinking their cutlery,” laughs Aamir.

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