Tips: Making a vase difference

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When someone brings you flowers, you smile and you say thanks. And then… you proceed to tuck those awesome blossoms into a lovely vase.

Pause. Arranging flowers according to the shape of your vase is an art. Some have the instinct for it, but those who don’t, can easily learn it.

Simply follow these basic guidelines and you will be able to create floral displays that draw admiration.

Column vases: These long vases call for long-stemmed flowers, around which you can arrange a few loose leaves or smaller flowers. The look you are aiming for is elegant but striking.

Cube vases: These look best when they hold a bunch of puffy, fluffy blossoms. Think hydrangeas. The big, round flowers are a perfect offset to the geometrical shape of the vase.

Small vases: Fashioned from jam jars and everyday bottles, these should be grouped into sets of three or four for an eye-catching effect.

Hourglass or flared vases: Very charming and ideal for bouquets. Choose a focal flower and arrange foliage around it for best effect.

Conical vases: These look difficult to tackle, but are actually among the easiest to decorate. Go for a cluster arrangement that gives a full, bushy effect. This is perfect for placing atop a side cabinet or the mantelpiece.

Cut glass vases: Just perfect for fine, formal bouquets, place them on a beautiful centre table for stunning effect.

Sleek transparent vases: With tall necks, they invite you to display long-stemmed flowers. Bunched together, the stems create a delicate look.

Let not your flower arrangements be restricted to the shape of the vases alone. How about taking the vase display itself to a wholly new level?

These cool, quirky ideas will have you all charged up to ‘create’ one.

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