Dubai may revoke pedestrian fine if crossing over 500 metres away

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Dubai FineFine for pedestrians crossing at undesignated areas is Dh200

Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Chief of Dubai Traffic Police has stated that the department will take under consideration reviewing complaints regarding fines for jaywalkers – specifically those penalised for crossing the roads in non-designated pedestrian areas.

Major-General Zafeen said that Dubai Traffic Police have a section for receiving such complaints and clarified that the only case where a fine may be revoked, is if the nearest pedestrian crossing point is at a distance of more than 500 metres.

Al Zafeen said that the department reviews complaints and issues a decision within few days, contacting the complainant and cancelling the fine if the complaint is found to be valid. “There is no specific criteria for acceptance or rejecting a complaint. This is based on a fair and impartial investigation. The inspector who issued the fine may even go back to the place where it happened to check if necessary,” he said.

Al Zafeen revealed that the number of pedestrians fined for crossing the roads in non-designated areas in 2012 was 54,357. Violations against pedestrians who cross the road from areas not designated are issued by traffic field inspectors. The inspector is also authorised to ask the violator for a valid ID and must issue a receipt for the fine which is Dh200.

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