Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are astrologically made for each other!

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It is every girl’s dream to find the perfect man for herself. To feel on the top of the world when such a man sweeps her off her feet. Have her own fairy tale replete with a prince charming. But for all that to happen, the stars must shine on you too. Same goes for Anushka Sharma who celebrates her birthday today. She is dating Indian cricket team’s most desirable striker Virat Kohli and so, she has found her Mr Perfect. But is this for the keeps? Well, if stars are to be believed, this is a match made in heaven!

Protective Pyaar
Anushka is a Taurean and Virat’s sun sign is Scorpio and if their characteristics are matched, they could easily be made for each other. Both have magnetic personalities and love to commit. They can go the extra mile for each other. Haven’t we often seen Virat taking a stand for his ladylove when she is dragged into an unnecessary mudslinging match? A Scorpion man is very protective about his lady and that is pretty evident from Virat’s demeanour towards Anushka.

Pavitra Rishta
Taurus and Scorpio form a magnetic pairing. They are the perfect amalgamation of love and passion. The woman makes a great pairing for Scorpio since the latter loves a girl with a soft heart but with rockhard will. Anushka is the youngest female producer in the industry and that requires a lot of guts. You don’t plunge into something so risky without a solid will. Virat, you have a winner here!

I am the man!
Scorpion man adores his girl but they will never stop to harp about who is the man in the relationship. While Anushka kept the love story under wraps, Virat announced to the world about his love when he blew a kiss at her from the crease during a match. She may do whatever she wants, guess her rules don’t apply on him!

Trust me!
Taurus woman is known to be highly doubtful about her choices. She is careful and is always on high alert regarding someone. Guess that may be the reason behind Anushka keeping her love affair secret. She wanted to trust him to go the distance before she makes it official. When he proved his intentions, Anushka gave in!

Loyal foil
When a Taurus woman commits to a relationship, she turns from a suspicious beauty to a doting and loyal lover. Anushka has always taken out time to watch Virat play at the stands. Win or loss, she has been with him irrespective of what people said about them.

I possess you
They have magnetic personalities which is pretty volatile at times. If they love each other to the hilt, they can argue well too. There were reports of Virat disliking one of Anushka’s cover shoots on Filmfare which was pretty raunchy. He called her up to express his discomfort and reportedly, the two fought. Both are independent signs even though they like to be knotted together. Such things are pretty normal and goes on to show, Virat can behave just like any other man. Admit it ladies, we love men despite all their grey qualities and this is one of the many that can be seen in many men.

Stars have said it. Virat and Anushka deserve to be together forever. BollywoodLifers do you think this couple will make it to the aisle and have their happily ever after?

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