Driver jailed for abusing boss’s son

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Boy said he had been sent to his father’s restaurant to get some soup when defendant abused him

Dubai: A driver has been jailed for six months for sexually assaulting his boss’s nine-year-old son and threatening to behead him if he told anyone what happened.

The Afghan boy was said to be walking to his father’s restaurant to get some soup when the 36-year-old Afghan driver, S.A., convinced the boy get in his car before he drove to a remote area and had sex with him on March 15.

Records said the defendant scuffled with his boss and beat him because the latter decided to cancel his visa and send him back to Afghanistan following the incident. Prosecutors charged the driver with raping the boy and threatening to kill him and assaulting the boy’s father.

The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed S.A. to six months for sexually assaulting the boy and threatening to kill him. He was handed an additional month in jail for beating the father.

“He will also pay a fine of Dh1,100. The defendant will be deported after serving his imprisonment,” said presiding judge Wajdi Al Menyawi in courtroom three. “I did not have sex with the boy and I did not threaten to kill him,” said S.A. when he entered a not guilty plea.

However, he admitted to beating the father. Records said the defendant convinced the boy to accompany him in his car to the Fruit and Vegetables Market in Al Aweer. Then he drove to a sandy area where he abused him.

The boy claimed that S.A. said he would behead him if he told anyone about what happened. The schoolboy testified that the incident happened shortly after his mother sent him to his father’s restaurant to get some soup.

The boy said the defendant insisted on accompanying him to the market. “While driving back, he stopped aside, pulled me out of the car and abused me. I was in severe pain and begged him to stop … but he didn’t. I ran away from him because he stopped for a minute to answer his phone. He chased me by car and picked me up then he dropped me at the restaurant. When my mom asked me about the red colour on my trousers, I claimed that it was spices. The next morning she examined me and when she realised what had happened, she told my dad.”

The mother testified that she could not sleep and did not believe her son when he told her that his clothes were covered with red spices. An Afghan salesman, who works at the restaurant, said the father decided to send S.A. back to Afghanistan after what happened to his son.

“The defendant assaulted the boss … the police came and took the two men for questioning,” said the salesman. Dubai Police’s forensic report confirmed the boy had been abused. Thursday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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