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Why people are tend to be the victim of alcohol…..?

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Menace of alcoholism all over the globe is century old phenomenon. It is not new.liquor_bottles_danger

Many seminars, discussions, camps were held, many things have been spoken, many articles have been published, researches have been conducted, many rehabitilation, healing centers have been established, doctors were on their toes and working day and night, lot of money has been spent to eradicate the menace of alcohol addiction but still without much need results people are knowingly prone to be the victim of alcohol.


But why? Can’t we control or stop it? Certainly we can. We have to adopt the principle of “Where there is a will, there is certainly lies the way”.

But thing involved here is high hand mafia gang, money power and involvement of high rank ministers at the cost of poor common public.

I am not a good writer nor a philosopher or even a thinker but after seeing personally the gravity, implications of bad, ill effect on common man’s life after consuming alcohol under inebriated condition my conscious directed me to scribble few lines about the subject matter.

Hence after referring few sentences from here and there, after compiling few lines from some books and by adding my own stinky thoughts, I was constrained to pen down few lines without expecting any result on the subject. Here I am expressing only my feelings, not for glorifying my name or to earn any name or fame but yes, even if 1% of the readers appreciate my efforts, I shall ever remain grateful to them

After all what is Alcohol?

 Alcohol is a colorless, burning taste, highly flammable liquid with a boiling point of 78.3 degrees Celsius. Alcohol is usually obtained by the fermentation of sugars, which are cleaved by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Effect of Alcohol
Drinking alcohol is a feast for one as he drinks, but it is an established fact that alcohol comes with consequences that are inevitable. Weather it is the beginning of your journey or the top of it, you should be aware of the affects that comes with alcohol. Normal people have heard a lot of these affects, but believe in just a few, to an extent that they hardly care. This is because they believe that alcohol has advantages over any of the disadvantages associated with it.

They can even go to the extent of losing family life, family members, social status, respect they earned before the addiction, money and property by losing their own identity. By the time when they realize the facts, come back from the deep slumber, everything is lost, made their life more miserable. Now it is too late and very hard to come back to the original condition from this stage.

 Alcoholic beverages are imbibed across the world. For some they serve as a uniting commonality for socializing, while others partake in tasty alcohol-containing drinks to reach altered states of consciousness, or to get drunk.

The paradox of enjoying alcoholic beverages is that it comes with benefits and risks not just to your physical health but also other significant domains of your life, including work and relationships. The key to staying on the side of gleaning the advantages of alcohol use resides in safe, moderate consumption.

Why do people drink alcohol?

A lot of research has been done to find and explore the reason why people drink alcohol. From research conducted in the Netherlands among 15 to 25 year-olds, the following answers came up:

  • Sociability (71%)
  • Like the taste (51%)
  • Feel at ease (12%)
  • Get intoxicated (6%)
  • Get drunk (2%)
  • Because everybody does it (6%)
  • To forget problems (0%)

Alcohol gets risky when you need more to feel good. If you can’t do that anymore on your own, and you use the alcohol for it, at a certain point you run the risk of starting to drink more and more each time to still feel the effects. This can be the beginning of an addiction. If you drink to feel good, you should ask yourself if you can also feel at ease without alcohol.

alcohol_bad effect_drinking

What are the positive and negative effects of alcohol use?


In the case of moderate use, alcohol has positive effects. You can get livelier, easier and relaxed. You can talk more easily and feel less tired.

According to some researchers, moderate alcohol use protects against cardiovascular diseases. This means a maximum of 2-3 glasses of wine or beer a day for men, and 1 to 2 glasses a day for women.


Socially, some people claim that it also has positive effects. It provides a lot of employment in the production, catering and retail of products and services in which alcohol plays a part. Also, people claim that an alcoholic beverage helps people socialize.


Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of a number of diseases: fatty degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, liver cirrhosis


What is liver cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is the chronic strain and infection of the liver. The liver breaks down alcohol. When the liver is strained it can get infected. The infected cells die and are replaced by connective tissue. These are actually little scars. Because of the connective tissue, the liver functions less efficiently and can no longer recover.Not everybody who drinks excessively gets liver cirrhosis, but anomalies in the liver often remain unknown or are discovered only after many years. Research conducted on deceased people who were known for drinking more than 5 alcoholic beverages a day showed that 20% suffered from liver cirrhosis.

Sleeping disorders, sexual problems, infection of the esophagus, infection of the stomach, infection of the pancreas, premature dementia, varying from a reduction of memory to the serious syndrome of Korsakoff; cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, intestines and breasts; hypertension and heart problems. Alcohol is also damaging during pregnancy. Also alcohol takes its toll in traffic.


Alcohol plays an important role in aggression. 40% of all incidents involving aggression occur while under the influence of alcohol. The police spend 22% of their time on cases involving alcohol. Violence on the streets and domestic violence while under the influence of alcohol happen often.

Also at work, alcohol has big consequences. 13% of all employees on sick leave have alcohol problems. Employees with alcohol problems produce at least 10% less work than their colleagues.

Alcohol can make people irresponsible; for example, getting pregnant in circumstances where they are unable to care for a child

What happens to alcohol when it enters the body? What are the Physical Effects of Alcohol?

Alcohol that is being consumed enters through the mouth and the esophagus into the stomach. A small amount is converted there. The rest comes pure, and thus undigested, into the blood stream and is spread throughout the body. Presence of food in the stomach at the moment of drinking delays the absorption of alcohol in the blood. That’s why an alcoholic beverage has a quicker effect when the stomach is empty than when the drink is taken during or after a meal. Drinks that have an alcohol level of more than 20% stay longer in the stomach than drinks with a lower alcohol level. The quantity of alcohol in the blood is expressed in per mill. A per mill of 0.5 means that 1 milliliter (cc) of blood contains half a milligram of pure alcohol. Someone who weighs a lot has more body fluids than someone who weighs less. So a lighter person notices more of the same number of glasses of alcohol than a heavier person. There is also a difference between men and women. The body of a woman contains on average less body fluids per kilo than a man. So a woman will get a higher blood alcohol level faster than a man. Also, women digest a smaller part of the alcohol in the body.

The liver finally breaks down the alcohol, after which it is eliminated through urine.

What are the disadvantages of drinking alcohol?

Many people use alcohol with no major evident disadvantages. For other people, alcohol is a major destructive force in their lives.
When present, disadvantages of drinking alcohol generally surround the effects of being drunk, something that begins to happen as you start to drink and becomes more profound as you continue to drink (e.g. throughout an evening).

The disadvantages include:
1.time spent drunk is generally unproductive time
2.being drunk impairs decision making and leads one to take risks which he otherwise would not take
3.being drunk leads some but not all people to become angry and violent
4.prolonged or extreme alcohol use can kill brain cells and damage other parts of the body as well
5.being drunk impairs the ability to operate vehicles or machinery
6. for some, drinking can be highly addictive and it can be very difficult for these people to stop  drinking once they start.
7. You can spend a lot of money drinking that would be better spent otherwise
8.    In general, some people have problems in their life when they drink that they don’t have otherwise

How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Realizing that alcohol causes problems helps some people avoid it. Suggestions to decrease the risk of alcohol abuse and dependence include:

  • Socialize without alcohol.
  • Avoid going to bars.
  • Do not keep alcohol in your home.
  • Avoid situations and people that encourage drinking.
  • Make new non-drinking friends.
  • Do fun things that do not involve alcohol.
  • Avoid reaching for a drink when stressed or upset.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to a moderate level.
  • Moderate is two or fewer drinks per day for men and one or fewer for women and older adults

A 12-ounce bottle of beer, a five-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor is considered one   drink

  • If you are a parent, having a good relationship with your children may reduce their risk of alcohol abuse.

          Most professionals who treat alcohol abuse and dependence believe that complete

          Abstinence is the only effective “prevention.”

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