Man hears ‘snap’, breaks penis during sex

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A 42-year-old man’s penis broke during sexual intercourse with a woman, as reported in the New England Medical Journal. The man was rushed to a Boston hospital where he told the doctor he heard a ‘snap’ and suffered pain in his penis while trying to make love to his partner.

According to the report, Dr Robert J. Hartman wrote, “The penile fracture caused a haematoma and blood flooded the man’s penis, turning it a ghastly purple, with blood coming out in the tube in which a man passes urine.”

“The classic eggplant deformity (swelling, discoloration, and deviation away from the defect in the tunica) can be seen.”

The man was taken for an emergency surgery. He was discharged the morning after surgery. The man seems to have recovered, doctors said. His three-month and six-month checkups revealed that he was able to get an erection.

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