Why it is red rose for Valentine’s week

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Red roses play a significant role in your love life. It’s the ultimate gift and on Valentine’s Day there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses to express your feelings.

Every year ‘Rose Day’ marks the start of Valentine’s day celebration across the world. The fragrance of roses envelops the atmosphere on this day as youngsters give roses to propose or express love for their partners. The demand and price of red rose shoots up during the Valentine’s week and specially on Rose Day.

In the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were compelled to keep their feelings a secret due to social bondage.

Bright red roses are interpreted as the ultimate expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly. Pink roses are the classic symbol of grace and elegance, white roses are for marriages and new beginnings whereas yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship.

Just as there are many shades of love, the red rose also has many hues. So this Valentine, gift your beloved with a beautiful red rose. Whether you give your loved one a single red rose or five dozen red roses, they will definitely add some new shades to your love life.

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