Why men want more sex in winters

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Without even thinking twice we women know that men want sex all year round. But is there such a thing that they want sex more during winters?

Sure cuddling and snuggling is on top of their minds but there is one thing they find really attractive in women especially in this season.

According to a research published on the popular blog The Psychology of Human Sexuality, the researchers found that men’s facial attraction didn’t change throughout the year.

However their attraction to women’s bodies did. They reported noticeably increased levels of arousal from December to February. The reason is men who were in relationships, also reported a spike in attraction to their partners during the winter.

Now why is that?

The actual reason is in winters the outside weather is frightful and there’s less to do, which prompts many couples to stay in and have sex. Humans also have a tendency to desire what is not readily available and during winter, skin is often hidden, making it that much more desirable.

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