Cook drugs couple, steals cell, cash

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The ‘once bitten, twice shy’ Rauts from Vashi sector 10 are now wary of hiring a new cook. That’s because the last one knocked them out with his dessert course and took off with a mobile phone and Rs 15,000 in cash. The couple Dipak (60) and Amita Raut (55) is said to be out of danger on the health front and has lodged a police complaint.

Subhabrata Sayal (33) had arrived at the Rauts’ home a week back from Kolkata through an agent. His predecessor had gone to his native place because of some personal problems. Dipak and Amita were the only persons staying in the main accommodation, while the cook inhabited a small room just outside.

“He insisted I find a job for his younger brother who stays in Kolkata,” said Dipak, director of Ocean Education Research Centre a private maritime training institute. “He cooked well and behaved appropriately. I don’t know what went wrong with him that night, as he poisoned us,” he added.

“I was not in the mood to have dinner, since I was tired after meeting the family doctor. But the cook kept insisting I have the kheer. So, I did and then went to bed,” said Amita. The couple woke up late next morning, giddy and drowsy. Sanyal was nowhere to be found.

“I was missing my mobile phone and the Rs 15,000, which was in my wallet. The main entrance was locked and the key was in our room, where we sleep. The cook had scaled the gates to make good his escape. Henceforth, it will be difficult for us to trust servants, now that we have got this lesson,” said Dipak.

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