Caught on camera: Man stealing baby at Dadar Station

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CTV camera footage shows an unidentified man kidnapping an infant at Dadar station around 6 am on Saturday, while the infant’s mother is sleeping.

The video shows the accused, who appears to be in his 20s, observing the movements of the mother. He carries on observing them for a while, until a plain-clothes cop asks several people sleeping on the platform to leave.

The accused leaves the spot for a few minutes, but returns soon after. He checks to see if the mother is awake and then kidnaps the baby and flees the spot. The mother, identified as Parveen Shaikh (pictured right), has lodged a complaint with the police.


The CCTV footage has been circulated to all city police and railway police stations and several teams have been formed to track down the accused. A similar case of kidnapping took place in July last year, when a youth abducted a three-year-old girl from CST.

The accused, who was nabbed in Haridwar a few days later, said that he had planned to sell the child to the beggar mafia there.

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