Housewife tells police she was trying to avoid pedestrians

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Sakhi PKandivli  housewife Sakshi Parekh, who rammed her car into a biker and two autorickshaws at Charkop killing one person and injuring three on Friday, was actually trying to save some other pedestrians who came in her way, she said in her statement to the police.

Earlier, it was said that the 34-year-old Mahavir Nagar resident had stepped on the accelerator due to which she lost control and hit the victims. In her statement to the Charkop police on Saturday evening, Sakshi said that her husband had bought the Honda Civic 10 days earlier, and she was not accustomed to driving it though she had a valid driving licence.

Sakshi told the police that she left home around 10.30 am that morning, and first dropped her daughter at her tuition classes on Link Road. She then wanted to take a right turn, but some pedestrians suddenly stepped in front of her car. To avoid hitting them, Sakshi said she abruptly steered the car towards a slope and also attempted to brake, but instead stepped on the accelerator causing the car to suddenly surge ahead.

Sakshi said she hit the accelerator again, this time causing the car to speed to such an extent that she lost control and hit the biker, rammed in-to the divider, and ended up on the other side of the road where she ran into the two autorickshaws.

She then managed to bring the car to a screeching halt, injuring her right hand in the process. Due to the impact with the autos, the air balloons in the car inflated and prevented her from smashing into the windscreen.

Sakshi further said that after the accident she did not leave the spot, but waited for help to arrive. A crowd soon gathered and informed the police. She said she had no idea that one of the victims had already succumbed to his injuries, nor was she aware of the number of people injured.

The deceased, Dilip Soni, 36, was declared dead on arrival at Borivali’s Bhagwati Hospital, while the injured who were identified as Dilip Kumar Soni, 46, Lavkush Yadav, 21, and Izhar Siddique, 27, are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Sakshi who was taken away from the spot by the cops, was booked for rash and negligent driving. She was later released on bail. (MM)

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