Commissioner’s absence sparks off chaotic scenes at MCC meet

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Mayor adjourns House for 30 minutes

The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) council meeting on Thursday dissolved into chaos as councillors criticised Commissioner P.G. Ramesh for absenting himself from the proceedings.

The Commissioner chairs the MCC Council meetings. However, Mr. Ramesh did not turn up and the officials were not aware of his whereabouts.

Reason for meeting
Taking exception to his absence, the members criticised his attitude as the meeting was convened to select one of the councillors to represent them in the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA).

Some of the members, including Sandesh Nagaraj, MLC, suggested that in the absence of the Commissioner, the Additional Commissioner should chair the meeting and the proceedings should take up the agenda stipulated for the meeting.

Mayor N.M. Rajeshwari then directed Additional Commissioner N. Raju to preside, but the latter said the law did not allow it and refused to comply with her directives. Following this, there was chaos and the Mayor adjourned the House for 30 minutes.

When the members reassembled, the former Mayor H.N. Srikantaiah said it was ironic that Mr. Ramesh who had convened the meeting had absented himself and hadn’t informed anyone. He wanted a missing person complaint registered against him.

Mr. Srikantaiah accused the Commissioner of insulting the people of Mysore by absenting himself from the council meeting.

While it is common for the council to be adjourned owing to lack of quorum, it is rare that the Commissioner’s absence leads to such a situation.

Complaint drafted
Following the members’ argument, the Mayor got a complaint drafted against the Commissioner.

Subsequently, former Mayor Sandesh Swamy was nominated as the MCC Council’s representative in MUDA.

(The Hindu)

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