Narendra Modi addresses rally in Bangalore ahead of Karnataka polls.

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BANGALORE: “If you start writing the 2G scamamount, the amount of 1 lakh 76 thousand crores, is as big as the distance between 7 Race Course Road (Prime minister’s residence) and 10 Janpath (Sonia Gandhi’s residence). The last zero will end at 10 Janpath.”

That’s how Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi chose to size up the performance of the Congress-led UPA government at an election rally in Bangalore on Sunday.

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Following are the highlights of his speech:

  • Situation in Karnataka is same as it was in Gujarat when I was elected. I had faith in people of Gujarat, I have faith in Karnataka’s people as well
  • People who want good for Karnataka will vote for BJP
  • And now how can one make the mistake of voting for Congress
  • If a daughter of yours in unhappy in her husband’s house will you marry another of your daughter in the same family?
  • We gave Delhi to Congress, can’t make the mistake of giving Karnataka to them
  • Government promised to control inflation in 10 days but that didn’t happen. You can’t believe what Congress says
  • Congress had a big meeting in Japiur, the Pink City. They thought they’ll come out pink from the Pink City (Gulaabi sehar se woh gulaabi hoke nikalenge)
  • Congress had said they won’t give tickets to criminals. Can Congress guarantee that no criminal has been given a ticket in Karnataka?
  • If BJP commits a mistake, we are ready to accept it and fall at janata‘s feet for apology. We don’t run a business like Congress
  • No son disobeys his mother but in Congress, the mother is continuously saying ‘Power is Poison’ and the son is campaigning in Karnataka saying ‘Give us power’ . Whom do we believe?
  • To complete what the mother said I would like to say, Congress’ power is the poison that has destroyed the nation. They are the ones who have spread the poison of communalism
  • I challenge Congress, I challenge Congress leaders born with golden spoons to compare a five-year-term of Congress and a five-year-term of BJP… BJP will emerge victorious
  • Karnataka Congress was cursing BJP here, they were misleading people and at the same time Congress government in Centre gave two awards to Karnataka government for their work in the state
  • Every year government of India gives awards to states for their work. Seven awards are given. None of the awards this year went to state with Congress government
  • (On Sarabjit Singh) What has the government been able to do, it has only been able to send his family to Pakistan. Nothing else
  • (On 2G scam) If you start writing the scam amount on the road, the amount of 1 lakh 76 thousand crores, the last zero will end at 10 Janpath. The amount is that big

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