Ice cream from jackfruit? It’s possible

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Cultivation of the multi-purpose fruit to be promoted

Did you know that it is possible to make wine, ice cream, jam and juice using jackfruit? Well, the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore has made these products under a research project to provide value addition to this multi-purpose fruit basically to increase the income of farmers.

In a bid to promote export of jackfruit and its value-added products, the UAS-B will organise a two-day international symposium-cum-exhibition on jackfruit in Bangalore from May 15 in association with the Union Department of Biotechnology.

The theme is: “Jackfruit and breadfruit of the tropics: genetic diversity, management, value addition and marketing strategies”.

The focus will be on introducing the best practices in jackfruit cultivation as the .

symposium is aimed at promoting its cultivation in drought-prone areas in the State. In the wake of the coconut palms — which were once regarded for their multi-purpose utility — slowly losing their sheen due to diseases and moisture stress, the UAS-B is trying to promote jackfruit as multi-purpose utility plant as its wood, fruit and leaves are in great demand.

The UAS-B is also trying to use jackfruit as an economic tool for the development of farmers through the value addition and export of the fruit. According to an estimate, jackfruitworth nearly Rs. 2,000 crore are being wasted in the country each year by not harvesting them.

Presently the UAS-B is trying to convince farmers from drought-prone areas to take up cultivation of jackfruit as the main crop wherever possible and is also advising other farmers to grow at least a couple of jackfruit trees in their farm so that they can get steady income.

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