Animal shelter awaits burial ground

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Bengaluru: After suffering from an illness for some 10 days, 11-year-old Ramu, the camel rescued four years ago by Akhila Karnataka Prani Daya Sangha, an NGO, died on Thursday morning. The animal was buried on the premises of the shelter house in Koramangala where many animals are buried.

Every year 650 animals are rescued and 12-15 die each year. The NGO has been waiting for two years now for a burial ground for the animals to be allotted by the BBMP.

A huge pit had to be dug in order to bury the camel. Members of the public are not happy with this practice. Some onlookers who saw the pit being dug questioned the workers.

“We are unable to do anything else. Instructions were given to us from our superiors and we are just following orders. We have been using this barren land for years now to bury the dead animals; it has been a gravesite for these animals for several years now,” said one of the workers.

Sunil, a member of the NGO, told Deccan Chronicle that the Government has been approached several times for a proper area to bury dead animals’ carcasses “but all we have received is incompetent replies. They say they will work on something as soon as possible.”

“A mass gravesite used to dump animals isn’t good for the atmosphere around the vicinity. This area is not far from the main road and several passers-by complain of the stench. This should stop immediately or else concerned authorities should take action,” said a resident from NGV Apartments.

Dr Parvez Piran, joint director, Animal Husbandry Department of the BBMP gave the standard reply: “We have already looked into the matter. Soon, we will construct an incinerator at Magadi Road, Kammanahalli for the proper disposal of these carcasses. It will be ready in just a few months.”

Ramu the camel had made news in 2008 when it was rescued as it was on the way to the slaughter house. Ramu even made an appearance in the High Court pertaining to his appeal! He had been ill for a week and veterinarians were unable to identify the cause of his illness.

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