BJP corporator, respect, honor murabatte

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Bangalore, April 23: naciggedu! Girinagar, Bangalore City Corporation Ward said he is a member of HS upparapete arrested him.

She should not have done what he did and I think this is no message? Violence, yesterday evening I leave to go to one of the mall to buy a few clothes tied around the waist with 5 Extra clothes stolen while she was trapped.

By the time I leave for the night in front of judges accused iyammanannu hajarupadisalagi the judge ordered that the STAR AGRAHARA bittubanni.

Sukh Sagar Mall, Ashok aperals gandhinagaradalliruva to stand on a cactus in the clothing store to steal the mall staff ambush iyammanannu hididuhakiddare into the Red Hand. However, he is the head had stolen his clothes in the same store. The mall has been in doubt for the staff. When it comes to the third time in the past bilisiddare systematically. Another member of the party has fallen out manamaryade murabattege auction.

Kadiyo addiction (kleptomaniac) is a disease. Iyammanige all in the whites of stealing from them. It is a disease. However ayammana memoirs would not be bidisutteve Chikpet sub-division ACP AB Rajendra Kumar told reporters here.

Top 5 syllables had been stolen from the stand yesterday, police said. 6 syllables in the guise of looking at the top of the trail and the trail went to the bathroom to stand up to the waist in the Top 5

After returning from the store to leave the trail to access runninda out of the top of the 1. He did not return, she had to reduce the number of top staff, lalitarannu But he acknowledged that it was stolen I would be spared.

However, he did not call the police upparapete in front of the store owner. Female staff were asked to send in Rome. Check constables and one woman have been coming in among the top in her manavu lalitara new ones surface.

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