At Sonia rally, Premakumari hogs limelight

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Soniya In Kolara campn -Ap 9_2014-001

Mysore: A total of around 30,000 people had converged on the Maharaja’s College grounds to hear AICC president Sonia Gandhi speak. But drama prevailed before the Congress chief arrived.

Premakumari, who had alleged that former minister A Ramdas had betrayed her, was among those seated in the crowd. This led to whispering among the people.

Clad in a cotton saree and wearing a Congress cap, Premakumari was initially mistaken for a woman worker of the party. But soon, some people identified her.

One of the women leaders of the Congress approached Premakumari and pulled off the cap she was wearing. But a section of the party workers stopped her from doing anything further. This led a crowd of curious people to go near her.

Premakumari said, “I have been meted out injustice. I have come here for justice.” She sat through the convention and exited later, without meeting any leaders.

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