Ramaseva Mandali will remain an inspiration: Governor

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“The Ramaseva Mandali will remain an inspiration for people to take forward a cultural heritage so essential and vital to be associated with for the very survival of mankind,” said the Governor H.R. Bhardwaj, while addressing the gathering after inaugurating the 76th National Music Festival of Ramaseva Mandali in Chamarajpet here on Tuesday.

What started as a divine melody in a social gathering for a cause is today 76 years old, a perseverance that has seen a goal for propagation of Indian culture and fine arts.It was initiated by S.V. Narayanaswamy Rao, a true patron of music on the footpath of Chamarajpet, and today his family has made it grow into a colossus banner that is intrinsic to the culture of Bangalore. Artistes from all over the globe congregate here to experience at least one month of Indian heritage through melody and spiritual bliss. Several organisations coming together for a social, divine and musical get-together had made Rama Navami a sign of India’s strength, he said.

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India isa land of antiquity and we have had our own upheavals at several stages of our development, “But what has stood to our protection is our spiritual knowledge, our scriptures and mythology that is guiding us into being cultured human beings,” he said.

“When Max Mueller taught Indian Philosophy at Oxford and spoke about the Rig Veda to foreigners, he insisted that the profundity of scripture should be shared by the global community for which an English translation is mandatory.”

The Governor spoke of cultural and spiritual get-togethers that have its roots in the Indian Bhakthi Movement wherein the Haridasas of Karnataka have played a significant role. “In the Freedom Movement, Bala Gangadhar Tilak united society with his Vinayak Bhakthi, just as what Aurobindo did in Bengal,” he said.

Earlier, to commemorate the founder’s 90th birth anniversary, a souvenir was released by Mr. Sharad Sharma, Managing Director, State Bank of Mysore. Ramaseva Mandali will be establishing a ‘Sangeetha Grama’ on Kanakapura Road, and we would be happy to support the endeavour,” said Mr. Sharma.

Ramaseva Mandali president Mani Narayanaswamy and mandali vice-president A. Ravindra spoke on the occasion before the platform boomed to Kadri Gopalnath’s inaugural saxophone concert, of the total 59 concerts and 25 days of discourses in 31 days to come by.

Vocal concert by Nithyashree Mahadevan will be held at 6.30 p.m. at the Fort High School grounds on Wednesday.

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