Modi hits back at Rahul over balloon jibe on Gujarat model, asks if he trusts Sonia

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Portraying a picture of doom for the Congress in the Lok Sabha polls, Modi said that Congress will not reach the double digit mark in any state.

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi for his “balloon jibe”, Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the Congress vice president should focus on the nation rather than criticising Gujarat which was declared “number one” by his mother Sonia Gandhi.

“If you think Gujarat model is a balloon, I want to ask if you trust your mother? The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation whose chairperson is your mother, that foundation had declared Gujarat number one. Do you see a balloon in your mother’s talk? Does your mother also release balloons?,” Modi said addressing a rally here.

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He said the people of Gujarat had rejected the Congress leaders’ “balloon of lies” in the last three assembly elections in the state.

Tearing into the much touted Gujarat development model, Rahul Gandhi had recently called it a “new heavier balloon” filled with “gas” and said it will also burst like the BJP’s ‘India Shining’ campaign in 2004 and 2009.

“They (BJP) had made a balloon of ‘India Shining’ in 2004 and 2009. The people of India deflated it twice. This time they have blown a new, heavier balloon, the Gujarat model balloon filled with gas which will burst again,” Gandhi had said, taking on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate.

Attacking Rahul for criticising Gujarat model, Modi today said that this Lok Sabha election was taking place to elect the Prime Minister and the government at the centre and not to form the government in Gujarat.

“Shehzade these days talks about Gujarat…Is this election to elect the Gujarat government? Will its CM be elected? The election is to elect the Prime Minister…to form government in Delhi. Therefore, shouldn’t the discussion be of the country’s government?,” Modi said adding that Congress should explain what it did in their ten years of rule.

Retorting to the balloon jibe, Modi said, “You, your party and 18 chief ministers came to Gujarat in 2002. And had spoken lies of such balloon. And your balloon of lies was not accepted by the people of Gujarat.”

“You had done the same thing in 2007 and in December 2012. But you could not make the people of Gujarat believe your lies. People were seeing development and that is why people have elected BJP,” he said.

Without naming Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Modi said that it was she who had declared Gujarat number one.

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate invoked Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s regime and said that more youths were given employment during his six year tenure than what Congress has done in ten years of their rule.

Portraying a picture of doom for the Congress in the Lok Sabha polls, Modi said, “in no state will the Congress tally reach double digit…in some states they will not be able to even open account.”

Modi said he does not think those who looted the nation can escape. “I am seeing the mood from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.”

Calling Congress manifesto “Dhokha patra”, Modi said that the party had become “so thick skinned that despite doing nothing in their ten year rule, they have again said that they will give employment to 10 crore youths”.

“Figures say it itself. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government which lasted for six years, 6.5 crore youths were given employment…and during Madam’s government in 10 years, only 1.25 crore youths have been given employment,” Modi said.

He asked people whether the Congress should give an explanation about the work done by it at the Centre in the last 10 years.

Congress neither gave an explanation of its works nor brought down prices, after making a promise of bringing them down in 100 days, he said.

“They broke their promise, will you break ties with them? There is need to give a final farewell to Congress once and for all,” Modi said.

Modi said farmers were dying in the country due to wrong policies.

While sugarcane farmers are not getting proper prices for their products, sugar mills are lying closed, he said.

He said more farmers have died in the country than jawans while fighting battles.

Accusing Congress for working with other parties with an aim that he should not win, Modi asked, “Why the fear among Congressmen? Why are they afraid? They know their place after 16th May… that is why they are scared. But this is a democracy. Once the people bless someone, nothing else works,” he added.

Modi said Congress won’t be saved and neither can it save the nation.

Mocking the Congress manifesto further, Modi said the party keeps “playing the same tape record, but the country needs a track record.” He called the manifesto “a bundles of lies.”

“It is not a manifesto but a document of deceit,” he added.

Modi said the country has demographic dividend, democracy and a large demand.

“These 3Ds, no other nation has. Such a youthful nation, what can it not do! It can do everything. We can become the pride of the world.”

Stating that one needs the right intentions to free the country from corruption, he said, “Some say there is no freedom from corruption. I disagree. … one needs the right intentions,” he said.

There would not be any scope for corruption if the state is policy-driven and then the scope for discrimination will not arise, he said.

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