Don’t be intimidated, women urged

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Expressing relief over enhanced security measures at ATM kiosks across the city, Corporation Bank manager Jyothi Uday urged women not to be intimidated but go about their work with confidence and courage. Mrs. Uday had been attacked by an armed man on November 19 last year when she went inside a kiosk near Town Hall to draw money.

On Saturday, Mrs. Uday inaugurated the “International Women’s Day: Progressive Women Thinkers’ Workshop” organised by the Department of Women and Child Welfare and addressed the participants.

Though concerns for women persist, she is happy that the attack on her spurred the police department into action and led to a lot of positive security measures being enforced in all ATM kiosks in the city. “Now all kiosks have guards and CCTV cameras. We feel more secure. The department must continue the good work and should take up women’s safety on priority basis. They should deploy more men on the ground, especially in isolated areas,” she said.

Vasu Malali, Associate Professor, Department of History, Bangalore University, spoke about balancing work and life. She said that the division is artificial and a very urbane middle class problem, as women in villages and tribal settlements have been the prime labour force in the agriculture sector. She said that today a large section of working women restrict themselves even in their workspace and are in a state of paranoia over potential sexual harassment.

“The women haven’t yet learnt to negotiate with men on equal terms and often segregate themselves, which perpetuates the division further,” she said.

The program was presided over by Dr Amita Prasad, Principal Secretary, Department of Women and Child Welfare.

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