Avenue Rd, Chickpet, Nagarthpet to get better security

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Bangalore, Nov 20, 2013, DHNS: Security at Avenue Road, Chickpet and Nagarthpet will be beefed up under the joint initiative of Chickpet Police Station, Jewellers Association Bangalore (JAB) and a private security agency.

JAB members said they had approached Chickpet police station four months ago to improve security in the three busy lanes. “We visited Avenue Road, Chickpet and Nagarthpet along with the police. Since these are sensitive areas, it was decided that Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras need to be installed outside the shops on the road. Most shops have CCTV cameras inside, but there is no one to monitor what is happening outside. It was also decided that security guards be stationed at each of the above lanes. The private guards would be provided by Sheethal Agencies,” Jewellers Association president G V Sreedhar said.

Kumaresh, who owns a jewellery shop on Chickpet Road said: “It is good to have security guards at busy areas such as Avenue Road and surrounding areas. There are chances of CCTVs not working properly due to technical problems or damaged camera lens. A few low -quality cameras cannot carry out video surveillance in poor light and at night. Hence, having guards is crucial.”

DCP (West) D C Rajappa, said they had several rounds of meeting with the traders and Jewellers Association, a few months ago. He, however, added that the monitoring of cameras installed outside the shops will have to be carried out by the shop owners themselves.

“We have told the traders that they can keep tabs on the footage by connecting CCTV cameras to the computer/TV  monitor using a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).”
Jewellers Association manager Venugopal maintained that they are planning to put up four to six security guards at the three lanes. “The implementation will take place soon. All traders have agreed and a nominal fee would be charged from them,” he added.

A few traders feel that there is no need to deploy security guards. A V Krishnamurthy, an Avenue Road trader said: “Some traders might not be willing to shell out money on having security guards as they feel a surveillance camera put outside and inside is enough.”

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