Hopcoms looks to go organic, at competitive prices

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Bangalore, October , 20: Organic food supply seems to have found a new space in recent years, prompting Hopcoms to go the organic way. dh photo

Outlets of the Horticultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society (Hopcoms) across the State may go organic, if the pilot venture becomes successful, Bharatlal Meena, principal secretary, department of Agriculture has said.

In addition to the four Hopcoms outlets that are already organic, it was announced recently that 25 others would get a makeover. Hopcoms also looks to price the products competitively, lesser than the rates at which the private producers are selling them.

Minister for Agriculture Krishna Byregowda had announced at the recent launch of the Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency that, in order to ensure a wider supply of organic food substances, Hopcoms outlets would go organic.

“Apart from this, we will have awareness programmes and make the concept of Hopcoms fully organic. Hopefully, such a venture will provide a platform for the producers,” said Meena.

Organic food supply seems to have found a new space in the City in recent years.
“A number of private brands have involved themselves in the manufacture and sale of organic food products, making them easily available to the people. If we are able to provide them at a relatively lesser price, it will become lucrative for both farmers and the consumers,” Meena said.

“The 100 acres of land promised to organic producers has already been provided at the taluk level,” he said.

“In the name of organic food, a number of stores sell items that are heavily priced. Hopcoms’ venture will be great only if the prices are kept at an affordable level and are easy on the pockets of middleclass families,” said Promila Dey, a housewife.

Certification is being provided to the producers of organic food substances by the government, as of now, at various levels. There are visits made by a team at each level, testing the growth, soil condition, branding and the like. After a complete assessment, certification is done.

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