A ring to protect women from attackers

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Bangalore, Sept 14, 2013: Save my Sister, a charitable trust, on Saturday, announced the availability of a ring device to protect women from sexual offenders and other forms of assaults. The ring, which can be loaded with a potent chemical compound — Capsaicin, has a mechanism to inject it into any person.

The ring contains a micro tank that can store 40 microlitres of Capsaicin, a micro pump that pushes the chemical and a micro needle that helps in penetration. Further, in order to prevent the possibilty of the device being misused, there is RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tag and a dual locking mechanism.

While the ring is priced at Rs 1,099, the canister of the chemical costs Rs 1,000. According to Save my Sister Charitable Trust managing trustee Imran Khan, “We are trying to bring down the price to Rs 500 in the future.” The self defence tool is part of a five-point campaign of the Trust to prevent violence against women.

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