Family court at Bangalore dismisses suit filed by Pascal’s wife

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BANGALORE: In an interesting development, a family court in Bangalore has dismissed a suit filed by Suja Jones Mazurier, wife of Pascal Mazurier, former Consular Attache at the French Consulate General at Bangalore in relation to custody of their three children.

The 3rd additional principal judge, family court at Bangalore not only dismissed Suja’s applicfation seeking for a further four-week adjournment of the case, but also dimissed the suit itself for non prosecution.

The court was of the view that she had failed to utilize the opportunity to lead her evidence by remaining absent since January and had dodged the matter by filing a number of applications and the same is abuse of process of law.

“This is a civil suit. The result of a criminal will no way concerned to this case. The plaintiff has to prove her case independently,” the family court has said.

The counsel for Suja Jones had sought time stating that she cannot lead evidence without the details of the criminal case against Pascal with regards to allegations raping his own biological child, which is pending before another court.

In her suit, Suja had sought for a permanent injuction against Pascal or any person connected to him from removing their three children out of the jurisidction of the court out of India.

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