Litter-happy visitors turn flower show into eyesore

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visitorsBangalore  Aug 10, 2013: The annual Independence Day flower show at the Lalbagh is turning out to be a garbage show this year, courtesy the visitors.

The hillock in the garden, atop which is the Kempegowda tower, is strewn all over with garbage ever since the show began, much to the discomfort of the Lalbagh walkers. While vendors, who have been given free entry, are making a fast buck, it has led to a lot of waste being dumped all over the historic garden. The situation is not likely to change till the show gets over.

The Mysore Horticulture Society and Lalbagh Horticulture Department, who are jointly organising the flower show, had earlier stated that there would not be any food courts or unauthorised vendors inside the premises, barring Hopcoms stalls at strategic points. However, there are more than 20 vendors selling their wares. Further, plastic that is not supposed to be used by the visitors, is having a free run.

Sadashiva Reddy, president of the Lalbagh Walkers’ Association, said that they had laid down certain conditions for waste disposal prior to the inauguration of the flower show.

Reddy said, “At the August 5 meeting attended by environmentalist Yellappa Reddy and officials, it was decided not to allow vendors who do not follow garbage disposal norms. I will meet D L Maheshwar, Director of t he Lalbagh Horticulture Department and take up this matter.”

Lalbagh authorities maintained that the number of cleaners who lift garbage had been increased from 30 to around 65 for the show.

Maheshwar conceded that few food courts had been allowed inside the garden to benefit the public and also the hawkers.

“We are ensuring that there is cleanliness inside the Lalbagh premises. Visitors should also make sure they do not litter the place with waste. There are dustbins at certain points, but people hardly use them.”

Girish K, a visitor, said: “The issue should be tackled by the authorities seriously. They have to either slap a fine or deny entry into the premises to those who spoil the place. The Lalbagh flower show is visited not just by Indians, but also foreigners. Considering that, proper steps should be taken.”

Traffic jams

The multi-storey parking area at the Shantinagar bus stand, where visitors to the show are supposed to park their vehicles, is becoming crammed by each passing day.
“More than 5,000 vehicles, including two-wheelers and cars, were parked in the last two days. There is bumper-to-bumper traffic during peak hours, due to which motorists face problems and need to wait for parking,” said K Raju, Assistant Traffic Controller, Shantinagar.

The traffic police said motorists would have to bear traffic jams, specially on BTS Main Road, K H Road and surrounding lanes till the end of the flower show.

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