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    Why should anybody, as a citizen of this country should allow any individual with even a minutest “controversy” whether it is personal or public, to rule us or think about us or do “good” for us or “help” us or feed us or employ us or…

    Controversies originate/generate because they exist. Why not should we have beautiful human beings as Cabinet Ministers, Councilors, MLAs and MPs? Beautiful Human Beings are the people who do not steal, who do not hide, who do not “expose”, who are not only 10th pass or 12th pass and expect a seat in the Parliament, who are not crazy about money and wealth, who are REAL TRUESELF.

    Being a test-tube baby is not a problem here, but having an expectation for a seat in Honorable Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha just by being a “successful actress” without even completing a graduate degree is the problem. Divya, in fact should respect the Houses of the Parliament because she is also a citizen of this country. What is wrong if she says to herself “I am not eligible for this.” and uses all her capabilities to not let any ineligible people into the House.

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