A regatta in swimming pool in Canadian International School

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BANGALORE Aug 9: The swimming pool of Canadian International School turned alive suddenly, with a regatta. If that was jaw dropping, here is more. The ‘boats’ were created by students of recycled material.

Students from classes 6-11 created boats made entirely out of recycled materials and capable of holding a student who had to race the floatable unit across the pool. At the competition, students paddled across the swimming pool as students cheered on from either sides for their house team to win.

“The Recycled Regatta is an exciting educational event designed to bring awareness to the amount of waste we produce everyday. Students were required to use innovative thinking and problem solving skills to turn garbage into a boat capable of holding one of their peers. Finding creative ways to recycle and reuse waste is essential to preserving and protecting our delicate planet, said Joshua Brinn, IT Integrationist / MS Science Teacher

“Although regattas are typically amateur competitions, it was a formally structured event, with comprehensive rules describing the schedule, specifications and procedures of the event,” Joshua said.
“We were proud that we could do so much for the environment and have so much fun while doing it. We thought it was incredible that we could all come together to make a better place for us to live in,” the students said.

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