Truck had many snags

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manyBangalore, August 7, 2013; Mechanic had warned the driver not to take out the vehicle

The truck that killed four members of a family had just returned from a workshop after getting the rear tyres fixed.

However, the garage mechanic had advised the driver not to take the vehicle out as it had many technical snags. But the driver ignored his advice and set off to the City to deliver a load of iron pipes, leading to the accident.

Bytarayanapura traffic police have traced the owner of the truck to Bidadi through the registration number of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle, Jayaprakash, runs a rolling shutter business in Bidadi.

Investigations have revealed that both the rear tyres of the truck had burst in the morning. The driver had taken it to a garage near Kengeri and got it fixed.

According to police sources, the vehicle suffered a brake failure causing the accident. However, this is yet to be ascertained and certified by experts from the Regional Transport Office.

A close shave for three

It was a narrow escape for Sampath Kumar, the driver of the Omni van, which was involved in the serial accident.

“We were fortunate that the signal had turned red and we were standing at the signal. The vehicles had not started to move from the other direction. Otherwise, given the impact of the accident, the casualties  would have been higher,” said Kumar.

He is a resident of Gejjalagere village in Mandya district. He was on the way to Chikpet in the city with his friend, Krishnappa, an employee of KMF, and his wife Savitha. At about 4 pm, when they were waiting at the Nayandahalli signal, the truck banged their vehicle from behind.

“All of a sudden, something huge hit the vehicle from behind. Before I could realise what was happening, the van was pushed several metres. The vehicle stopped after ramming an under-construction Metro pillar. When I looked back, I saw the truck run over some people killing them on the spot. I saw the driver jump out of the vehicle and flee,” Kumar recounted.

Both Krishnappa and his wife Savitha were injured in the accident, while Kumar escaped with minor injuries. He said Savitha has suffered an injury in her abdomen. The couple are being treated at KIMS Hospital. According to hospital sources, the condition of the two is stable and they are out of danger.

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