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PIXMYWALLBangalore, July 4;If you thought libraries only rented out books, think again because now with Pix My Wall, art enthusiasts can rent out art prints. Pix My Wall is an initiative by Aditya Pisupati and Padmaja Nagarur of the art sale portal artflute.com

“Art Flute is an art marketplace for artists to show their work and buyers across the world to buy them,” says Aditya. “Over a period of time we realised that a lot of original work does not get sold. Artists are constantly facing a problem selling their work because the market is niche.”

“The idea is to see if we can try and find an alternate platform for the artists and generate an additional stream of revenue while promoting their work.”

Pix My Wall will not circulate original art works but high quality prints which will be in circulation through the year. Anybody who is then interested in the artist will be directed to artflute.com to buy the original. Once the original is bought, the art prints will be taken out of circulation to preserve the exclusivity of the work.

“Traditionally, artists sell their works in a gallery or exhibition. Very few galleries sponsor these artists. And many of them artists are not able to conduct solo shows. So the idea is to cater to a larger segment of the market through circulation or through sale.”

Aditya is a hobby photographer, with a corporate background, whose interest in art was passed on by his father, an amateur painter who took his children to galleries all over the country.

“I started this initiative primarily because I saw a lot of my photographer friends put in a lot of time and effort into a difficult shot and at the end of the day when they showcase it, nobody buys their work, even for a few thousand. It’s not as though there isn’t a market, just that collectors prefer buying the works of established artists. So what happens to fresh talent in the market? These people definitely need a platform apart from sales and Pix My Wall gives them visibility.”

Those who want to rent out an art print can purchase a subscription package. A yearly subscription allows subscribers to keep the print for a year or change up to four prints.

“It’s a chance for everyone to appreciate art without being intimidated by it,” explains Padmaja. “Some people might be afraid to step into a gallery not knowing what to purchase and there are those who merely appreciate art. We are trying to open out a niche market. What we do by renting out the art piece is allow people to connect with it because what happens sometimes is that art lovers might have made an impulse buy which they find later that they don’t really connect to.”

“Society at large might not have the kind of accessibility or knowledge to figure out what to purchase. That’s also where rental model helps, by educating them and offering an entry point into art. So they can experience art at some level,” adds Aditya.

Ultimately, Padmaja believes, that we are all storytellers and pictures tell stories about life and society, which are passed down through generations. “Every picture or painting has some inspiration or perspective of the kind which we strongly believe everyone should be exposed to. That’s where this works because when you have an artwork up for more than a year it simply becomes another piece of furniture lying around. But if you change the pictures, you have a reason to pause reflect and move on.”

Pix My Wall offers art prints by a range of artists from Milind Nayak, to Padmanabhan Thangaraj. For details, visit www.pixmywall.in or call 9980433790.

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